Overseas :)

Hi guys and girls

Just about to board my flight to Egypt for my El Tur wave clinic and i thought i would try my new word press app for my ipad, i will continue with daily updates here from egypt as long as i have a conection.

Looks like its gonna be windy this week in the uk so get out and have fun πŸ™‚

See you soon!


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Oh and this is the correct position at the top of a low planing forward πŸ™‚

Spreks Maui, still got 1 place left, April 2-17, call me!

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Getting old :(

i just came back from a 5 a side soccer game and im knackered, there was a bunch of overweight untalented blokes wearing football shirts calling themselves “rooooooonie”. it didnt take long to realise that the although we were once reasonable at footy… that time had come and gone, i even though myself at the floor a few times just to remind myself how hard the ground is 😦

so this got me thinking about windsurfing and how many of the rules change… where as football the ball has stayed roughly the same, the pitch the same…. everything the same, just us got old, where as windsurfing kit changes almost monthly, and we get old, this constant change of kit has amateur Β windsurfers trawling forums trying to get answers….. and most of the time the answers are wrong which in turn messes all us up….

i do want you to understand that this is the reason why my business is doing so well, all i do is get them to go back to the way they learnt to windsurf, for example:

when you learnt to sail one of the first things you learn is to sheet out when a gust comes or you want to slow down and sheet in when you want to go faster, then when you get planing some idiot on your beach who completed a carve gybe 10 years ago… once tells you to get 24″ harness lines….. when this happens your windsurfing career is going to be an uphill battle 😦

everyday i get calls from people saying: ‘my mate told me…. my old coach told me” the best way to look at it is if they are telling you to do it like they do it……… dont listen, dont be rude but just carry on the way you learnt. i have been doing this a very long time and it takes me a while of working with someone very closely to be able to say definitely what they need, and im bloody good!! πŸ™‚

im knackered of to bed talk soon


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im not biased :(

Apparently i seem to be a little biased towards Shorekipa 😦 so i have been sent a picture from Mr Gutted himself, sailing at Pevensy bay a couple of years ago:

Nice little jump, i thought this would be perfect to look at because he is talking about forwards and this is just about the worst position you could be in for forwards, sorry Guy!

so what i want is someone to comment on why this is not conducive to forward loops??




Morning :)

Hi Guys

sorry i havnt been on here for a while, been super busy getting my 2011 year up to speed, as some of you may have seen i have changed my logo, (well the guys at Group Brand):

I am also working with Dave and Roger at Group Brand on my new website, business cards, flyers, promotional gear, etc. so watch this space.

So after another good year of UK based clinics in 2010 but lacking of overseas clinics i have decided to go back with the boys at Oceansource.net for all my overseas clinics, we have been working very hard on what will happen in 2011 and we are almost finished on 2012 which looks amazing, its funny because when i started doing this i thought it would be easy to fill clinics but man i was wrong, i mean people ring me and email me saying they want to come on one of my clinics…… then they book with Jem or Guy 😦 Β then they ring me after and say should have gone with me…..!

But i will carry on and at the same time i getting better at getting my message across and i hope my clients are getting what they deserve from my clinics. So come and book and watch your sailing get better and better πŸ™‚

Next we have been working on resurrecting Northshore Maui

Which has been good fun as both Nik and i have great history with Mike Lovell and Northshore, we have kept most things the same, just slightly updating the fins slightly for current boards, as some of you may know i have been using the fins for a year testing and just getting them right so when we bring them out they will be sick πŸ™‚

Today i received the first samples and MAN THEY LOOOOOOK SIIIIIIIIIICK!

Here is the freestyle, US box wave, power wave, freestyle wave, sorry about the pics i will be getting good ones done soon πŸ™‚

At the same time its been windy and we have been on the water heaps πŸ™‚

Well im off to bed talk soon!


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Last pics and comp winner :)

Hi people

thanks for coming back all the time :))

so here i have 2 more pics and i have a winner for the first 2 hour voucher!

first is Nickolay Georgiev from Bulgaria, thanks dude:

and the second image is this months winner, Andy came on my Maui clinic this year and as any amateur windsurfer would say, Sailing at Hookipa is a a very scary experience and to sail it in over mast high conditions is hard core, i remember this day and the prize couldnt go to a more deserving sailor as Andy has spent the last year really trying to progress his wave sailing and he has succeeded, Andy your a legend and i wish you all the best in 2011 on the Amateur Β UK wave tour:

Just as a reminder i am going back to Maui on the 30th of April for a 2 week clinic….email me for more info πŸ™‚


oh and new competition starts now! so send in your pics πŸ™‚

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Kites arrived and more Xmas comp pics :)


had to drive up to Gatwick today to pick up my kite gear only to find that there was only 2 of the 6 boxes there, so got my kites and bars but no boards so Nik and i flew the 10.5m Bolt down at Shoreham, which was bloody cold, and it felt awesome, cant wait to get a good day on the water :))

So back to the comp, i have been getting some more pics so what i have decided to do is have the first give away on the 15th of December then the second on Xmas eve, so get involved πŸ™‚

Here is Steve Clements @ Horton

Nice body drag from Jim Millen

Heres 2 from Tom Geddes, im guessing 1 is him the other his child πŸ™‚ you decide which πŸ™‚

Here is a mate of mine Gareth Piggot who will love this shot πŸ™‚ Gareth was one of the best Shorekipa sailors when i was 8 or 9 years old, it was amazing to see the duck gybes and carving 1 handed gybes, amazing πŸ™‚

Finally my best mate Gareth Horton also from Shorekipa, he is a big dude and a legend on the water down at Shoreham, he also was a good freind of mine when we learnt to windsmurf and as you can see in one of the shots he had some style back then also πŸ™‚ Gareth also helps me with my technique articles which is really good of him! G your a legend πŸ™‚

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