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About the rib!!

Almost forgot to mention how i had the current injury which is only the second of my windsurfing career, the first was when i was learning forwards when i was 10. Last Thursday was going to be the best day … Continue reading


Injury time :(

As i write this email i am seriously suffering with what can only be described as the worst rib injury know to man…. in fact a good friend said ‘its worse then child birth’, to which i would have to … Continue reading


Old vs New!

The weekend just gone i was at The Hunstanton Lifestyles event that featured Kitesurfing and Windsurfing as the main attractions, we had 2 solid days, the first was hot and sunny with the second being hot and windy!! which was … Continue reading

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Time of my life! Namotu

Here starts a series of events that have stood out in my life, not just for PWA results but for locations and friends also, Enjoy! As i look back to this time i remember i was sailing for Naish Hawaii … Continue reading


The morning after!

Foreword: this blog is written by Ant Baker which consists of his views and history of windsurfing, kitesurfing and all watersports, if you find offense easily then please stop reading here 🙂 Hi Chaps and girls!! i have had a … Continue reading


Im Sorry!

I think i have some apologizing to do…………! its been a few days, well years since my last confession and there has been a couple of things that seem to be bothering you guys out there, so i will try … Continue reading


What goes on tour…! (Jason Polakow)

After my blog yesterday i was inundated with emails from potential riders for our surf division which is great to see as i am sure we will help out through our opinion leader program most of them……! So one of … Continue reading

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