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Lets get you sponsored!!

Some say windsurfing is dead….. well its not, we are still selling equipment and with the new lines about to be released we can expect the market to just keep getting better, so now you know what it takes to … Continue reading


So you wanna be a pro!! (part 2)

There are 2 kinds of pros in windsurfing and its simple to explain: 1st is like my brother Nik, as he is, or at least was when he was competing, organised, motivated and driven to succeed even though he had … Continue reading


A bit of charity mate!!

i will get around to finishing my ‘How to be a pro series monday but as i had a charity event for the Macmillan cancer foundation i thought i should write about that, Enjoy! Friday morning 3am my alarm goes … Continue reading

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So you wanna be a pro! (part 1)

sorry for my absence yesterday but i was so knackered from paddleboarding that i just came in and hit the sack 🙂 I get heaps of emails and calls from people asking me firstly how i became a pro and … Continue reading

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A little bit of coaching: Paddleboard wave sailing!

On my trip to Maui last November we had a couple days where the wind wasnt quite up to short board stuff, but there was waves so what we did was get out on paddleboards with 5.9 or 5.4’s and … Continue reading

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Equipment design!

firstly if you believe everything you hear in the magazines then you should stop reading here……….! Ok so for the people that are left i will try to explain what goes into testing and the development of windsurfing gear. Nik … Continue reading

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Itchy trigger finger!

evening…. i will try to make this a short one as we all wait for the England match to start, and while i wait im thinking of my last session…. well that was today with  paddle board with Mark from … Continue reading

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