Getting old :(

i just came back from a 5 a side soccer game and im knackered, there was a bunch of overweight untalented blokes wearing football shirts calling themselves “rooooooonie”. it didnt take long to realise that the although we were once reasonable at footy… that time had come and gone, i even though myself at the floor a few times just to remind myself how hard the ground is 😦

so this got me thinking about windsurfing and how many of the rules change… where as football the ball has stayed roughly the same, the pitch the same…. everything the same, just us got old, where as windsurfing kit changes almost monthly, and we get old, this constant change of kit has amateur  windsurfers trawling forums trying to get answers….. and most of the time the answers are wrong which in turn messes all us up….

i do want you to understand that this is the reason why my business is doing so well, all i do is get them to go back to the way they learnt to windsurf, for example:

when you learnt to sail one of the first things you learn is to sheet out when a gust comes or you want to slow down and sheet in when you want to go faster, then when you get planing some idiot on your beach who completed a carve gybe 10 years ago… once tells you to get 24″ harness lines….. when this happens your windsurfing career is going to be an uphill battle 😦

everyday i get calls from people saying: ‘my mate told me…. my old coach told me” the best way to look at it is if they are telling you to do it like they do it……… dont listen, dont be rude but just carry on the way you learnt. i have been doing this a very long time and it takes me a while of working with someone very closely to be able to say definitely what they need, and im bloody good!! 🙂

im knackered of to bed talk soon



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