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Awesome time in my life right now with everything going so well with work and me just loving my sailing and kiting, but behind all of this is my past and 2 major parts of my life were my motorcycle … Continue reading

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i have done a fair few things in my life but nothing compares to what i went through yesterday….. well what nat went through and i was pillion, a C-section is bloody hard core but Nat soldiered through and the … Continue reading


Today is the day!

Its 6:30am while im writing this on the morning of the birth of my son….. and im starting to get a little nervous…….! i have been soo busy upto this point that i havent had time to really process whats … Continue reading


Maui part 2

Sorry about that i had to get out on the water all day yesterday as my baby is due wednesday morning (C-section) and i may never get to go out on the water again 😦 I had a blast though … Continue reading

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Maui enter here!

Almost forgot to mention that i still have a few places left on my clinic featuring Dave White, i am taking a max of 8 people and have 5 booked 🙂 so if you wanna come just email me: … Continue reading

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Maui Watermans heaven!

Its true….! Maui is the only location that i have been to on my many travels that perfectly blends lifestyle and locations, ill talk a little about a typical day: Im always early to bed as i prefer the mornings … Continue reading

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Remembering the past!!

As i get older i am sure my life is getting better…. or am i just getting better at life??? im fatter but better looking and for some reason i am liking my windsurfing and kiting more then ever before! … Continue reading

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