A true professional!

As you may or may not know i am in Maui on my yearly wave clinic which has been awesome, we have had good wind and waves as well as some good evenings….. in fact i am writing this blog entry from my bed after my birthday bbq and maybe a few too many drinks, so overall we are having a blast.

On this trip with us is Craig wood who lost his legs and arm fighting for us over in the war, and he is just amazing, he is way more of a man than i am with great humor and ambition. During his trip we organised a few special events for him, the first was at Flat Breads pizza restaurant (owned by Josh Stone) with 15 or so top pwa and international stars including, Robby Naish, Jason Polakow, Francisco Goya etc….. which are the guys i want to talk about:

These guys live here on maui and have super busy schedules and made the time not only to come for a pizza but all shared there day time to make Craig feel welcome on maui, Robby even came sailing with my crew and took craig out on a huge board out in the waves at Spreks for about 4 hours

Rob even let me and my guys go for a sail on his kit which the boys loved

So when we talk about being a pro we dont just talk about how good they are on the water, there are several contributing factors that make the package…….. !

Well thats all i think i can manage due to a massive hang over and it looks like the waves are up so im off for a surf….. happy dayz!


Here is a pic of me taking photos of the boyz at Spreks

This is of my hands after soo much sailing 🙂


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One Response to A true professional!

  1. Paulwood says:

    My son the HERO

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